About Us

About Us

About Pink’s carpet cleaning

Pink’s Carpet Cleaning started in 2013, when Troy Meacham put together his first truck in Moreno Valley, CA. Since then, Pink’s has grown to 11 trucks, in 4 states and employs over 16 carpet cleaning technicians. The Colorado location is the 4th location and services the Denver, Colorado Springs, & Pueblo areas.

Read more about Troy & how Pink’s started here.

Pink’s Carpet Cleaning wants to set the standards of how carpet should be cleaned. Time and again, Pink’s has had to clean up other carpet cleaning company’s messes. With powerful truck mounted steam cleaning units, rotary extraction, a wealth of knowledge, and many years of experience, Pink’s strives to keep our 5 star ratings all over the web. That’s why we offer the guarantee we have…..

We will come to your home and clean start by cleaning one room. If you’re not happy with the way it looks, let us know and we will clean it again. If you’re still not happy, we will pack up our things and bid you a fond farewell, no hard feelings. You pay us nothing.

If spots come back, so will we. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we actually DO guarantee our work 100%. If a spot comes back, we will come back out and reclean that area at no charge. If it comes back again, we will refund your money for that room.

No one else offers that kind of guarantee. We are some of the best carpet cleaners in Denver, Colorado Springs, & Pueblo and will prove it. If you feel otherwise after we’ve cleaned for you, keep your money. How can we take your money if you’re unhappy? Your opinion of us truly matters, hence our iron clad guarantee. You’re either happy or you don’t pay us a dime, period.