• How should I prepare for you to clean my carpet?

    To prepare for our arrival, we need you to move any small knick-nacks, small furniture, and anything personal to an area that is not being cleaned. We don’t want to accidentally bump a table and have great-grandma’s lamp fall on the floor. Please make sure all of these things are put away.

    We will also you to thoroughly vacuum your carpet. Yes, we pre-vacuum some carpets but it’s your job to maintain your carpet and it will help us get done more quickly and you can go about your day.

    The final thing we will need you to do to prepare for us is make sure that we have a good place to park to access your home. If you have to move your vehicle to the other side of the driveway, please do so. ***NOTE: We can NOT run our hoses across your lawn, it will kill it, dead. Please make sure we can use your driveway.

  • Yes. Extra work equals extra money. Extra time equals extra money.

    That being said, if you ask us to do extra work, of course we have to charge for it. Extra work takes more time and both should be charged for.

    As for charging extra for spots & scrubbing, the answer is no, we do not charge extra for that. If there are permanent stains, then yes, we will charge extra for those because they can use a lot of cleaning solution and take a lot of time to remove.

  • This all depends on which cleaning you will require. We normally carry our own water but it’s very possible to run out while out in the field all day. However, not difficult for us to refill.

    If you have a home without electricity turned on, we can clean it but only with the traditional push wand, as our rotary extractors require electricity.

  • Yes, but we prefer you wait until it’s completely dry before walking on it.

    When you walk on a carpet after it’s been freshly cleaned and it’s still wet, your weight can cause the wet carpet to absorb soils from underneath the backing of the carpet. These soils get built up from poor or lack of vacuuming, time & traffic, and quality of the carpet. A lot of carpet has a thin layer of fine dust under it that is lying on the top of the carpet padding. When you step on the carpet and it’s wet, you can absorb this dust and make your carpet dirty again. We don’t clean under the carpet so there is nothing we can do about this.


  • Absolutely NOT! We never request or require gratuities.

    HOWEVER, tips are more than welcomed and graciously accepted. Tipping your technician shows that you truly do appreciate the time and effort they are taking to make sure your carpet looks amazing and that you are 100% satisfied.

  • 99% of our solutions are safe for asthmatics. We do have 2 corrective solutions that could possibly be an irritant to asthmatics, but we ALWAYS ask if anyone has asthma or breathing problems, prior to usage and it’s a very small percentage of homes that even require these treatments. Dissipation time is usually about 20 minutes in these cases, so you won’t be stuck outside for hours.

  • Sure.

  • Yes. We require a $15 trip charge though so that we can cover our gas. Our machines run off gasoline and our vans have to fill up, sometimes twice per day. You buy gas for your car, so imagine having to fill it up twice per day. Well that’s why we ask the $15 trip charge.

    Click here to get more info on our free demo.

  • We can’t. Essentially we make ZERO profit when we do free carpet cleaning demos. The $15 trip charge only covers our gas and if we’re lucky and the job is not too soiled, we are able to cover our solution costs as well.

    We do the free demos so that you can see what kind of workmanship you will receive, prior to spending the money to clean all your carpet, upholstery, and tile & grout. When you’re happy with the amazing demo you receive, you will have us clean the rest. 97% of our free carpet cleaning demos turn into paying customers.