Pet Odor Treatment

5 Star rated pet odor treatment by Pink’s Carpet Cleaning. Serving Denver, Colorado Springs, & Pueblo areas.

Pet Odor Treatment

Pets can make a mess of carpet in a hurry. It only takes ONE urine spot to smell up an entire room. Whether you have a dog, cat, lizard, monkey or turkey living in your home with you, we can help you with that animal smell. Urine can quickly damage and discolor your carpet, so the quicker you get it neutralized and out of your carpet, the better the chances are that you can eliminate the odors.

What you can expect from our pet odor treatment:

  • Thorough deep cleaning and rinse to remove the majority of the urine salts
  • Application of pet urine digesting enzyme
  • Dwell time to let enzyme treatment do it’s job
  • Another thorough deep steam cleaning rinse
  • Final application of pet odor treatment

Pet urine is one of the most difficult stains to remove. The stains don’t always come out 100%. This is due to a combination of variables such as: carpet type, type of pet, diet of the pet, emotional status of the pet, and several other variables. We do our best to remove as much of the urine as possible but no company, no matter how much they charge, can remove it 100%. If they tell you they can, they are lying. Pet urine damage is permanent on carpet, but can be cleaned and neutralized so that it doesn’t stink up your whole house.

Carpet Repair

5 Star rated carpet repair service by Pink’s Carpet Cleaning. Serving Denver, Colorado Springs, & Pueblo areas.

Carpet Repair

Whether you have an open seam, burns from the fireplace, ripples that need to be stretched or some other kind of damage, trust in Pink’s to fix your damaged carpet and make it look like the damage never happened. Carpet damage is unsightly and can be embarrassing in some cases and even dangerous in other cases. Let us repair your carpet so that all your unsightly damage is gone.

Carpet repair services:

  • Carpet stretching
  • Burns
  • Holes
  • Seams
  • Thresh holds
  • Pet damage
  • Rips & tears

Repairing damaged carpeting is one of those jobs that you can’t just buy some tools and call yourself a carpet repair expert. It takes knowledge, training, and hands on work in order to become an expert in carpet repairs. Pink’s has over 25 years of experience in repairing damaged carpet. Trust Pink’s to do it right and make your carpet look new again. Get a discount on carpet cleaning with the purchase of any carpet repair.

Pink’s offers carpet repair in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, & Denver areas. Not all companies are the same. Some simply make claims that they can repair damaged carpeting, when in all actuality, they make the situation worse. Hire a specialist and don’t take the chance of having someone with little experience in the industry, causing more damage that cannot be repaired.

Below are some before & after images of some carpet repairs in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, & Denver. These are real jobs that resulted in very happy customers.




For expert carpet repair or carpet stretching, give us a call and don’t worry whether or not it can be done right. We always do it right or you don’t pay us a dime! That’s right, a guarantee you can trust by a company you can trust. Call Pink’s for professionalism & quality work that far surpasses that of other companies.

Upholstery Cleaning

5 Star rated upholstery cleaning service by Pink’s Carpet Cleaning. Serving Denver, Colorado Springs, & Pueblo areas.

Upholstery Cleaning

Pink’s specializes in the cleaning of all kinds of fabrics, from the synthetic fabrics like herculon and microfiber, to the very fine fabrics such as silk, cotton and suede. Upholstered furniture can be expensive and it can be detrimental to a fabric if cleaned improperly. Trust Pink’s to clean your upholstery right the first time and trust in over 25 years of upholstery cleaning experience.

What you can expect from our Upholstery cleaning:

  • Pre-vacuuming loose particulates and dust/dander
  • Apply emulsifying surfactants to upholstery
  • Machine “scrub” with orbital upholstery buffer
  • Rinse and extract using truck mounted steam cleaning unit

You can trust that Pink’s will do the job right and to your satisfaction. If for some reason you feel we didn’t perform the job well enough, please ask us to clean it again, at no charge. If you’re still not completely satisfied with your upholstery cleaning service provided by Pink’s, we’ll refund your money. You have nothing to lose except dirt.

Carpet Cleaning

5 Star rated carpet cleaners. Pink’s Carpet Cleaning provides carpet repair & cleaning in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, & Denver.

Carpet Cleaning

Pink’s Carpet Cleaning provides top quality carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. With over 25 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, you can trust Pink’s to get your carpet clean the first time.

With our state of the art truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, you can rest assured that we will remove more dirt, particulates, and germs from your carpet than any other carpet cleaners in Colorado, or it’s FREE. We use some of the most powerful carpet cleaning units on the market along with rotary jet extraction, to get maximum soil removal, leaving you with clean carpet and a huge smile from the satisfaction you will receive from making the right choice. Choose Pink’s!

What you can expect from Pink’s carpet cleaning:

  • Pre-vacuum to remove dry particulates, including edges.
  • Pre-spot and hot pressure treat with GREEN cleaning solutions.
  • Hot Water Extraction Method (deep steam cleaning with direct drive units for maximum heat)
  • Rotary Jet Extraction for a much better cleaning than the traditional scrub wand
  • Friendly, reliable, certified and VERY knowledgeable technicians
  • 4 hour average dry time.
  • Mid/High range pricing and a very high quality and thorough cleaning.

Pink’s carpet cleaning Services:

  • Pueblo, CO & Surrounding Areas
  • Colorado Springs, CO & Surrounding Ares
  • Denver, CO & Surrounding Areas

Check out some of our carpet cleaning before & After pics:

Carpet Cleaning Pueblo
Actual Pueblo carpet cleaning job.
Pueblo's Best Carpet Cleaners
Pueblo’s Best Carpet Cleaners
Carpet Cleaning Canon City
Carpet Cleaning in Canon City, CO.
Carpet Cleaning Pueblo West
Carpet Cleaning in Pueblo West

All of the images above are from real carpet cleaning jobs done in Pueblo & Canon City Colorado. We are working on updating the site with a much nicer and better design and layout & will be adding a gallery of images showing more before & after carpet cleaning in Colorado Springs and Denver areas as well.

Looking for the best carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Denver? Look no further. You’ve found us!

Pink’s carpet cleaning guarantee:

We guarantee that we will do a MUCH better job than another other carpet cleaners in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Pueblo, that we offer a 100% ZERO RISK GUARANTEE!

We are so confident that you will love our work, if you don’t love it, keep your money. Skeptical?

Fine…. Call us and allow us to clean the dirtiest room in your house, for FREE and then you can make your decision on whether or not we are the right choice for you. If we don’t prove ourselves with a FREE cleaning, then obviously we’re not for you and you pay nothing…lose nothing…..BUT…….. IF we do prove to be the best carpet cleaners, then you will be thrilled to have found us. For any carpet cleaning or carpet repair needs, call us first and put us to the test. Make an educated decision based on your experience, with ZERO risk. Don’t be fooled by the others!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

5 Star rated tile & grout cleaning by Pink’s Carpet Cleaning. Serving Denver, Colorado Springs, & Pueblo areas.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & grout can get ugly, real quick. Grout is porous and absorbs dirt and grease like nobody’s business. If your grout is not sealed properly, this can cause permanent discoloration which would require a new color in order to “get rid of” the discolorations. In a case like that, it wouldn’t actually get rid of the discolorations in the grout, it would simply be changing the color to “hide” the discoloration. However, when properly maintained, just like anything, it can last a long time and look new the whole time. Clean and seal your tile and grout before it becomes permanently discolored.

What you can expect from our tile & grout cleaning:

  • Topical application of emulsifying surfactants to break up grease, oil, stains, etc.
  • Scrub grout lines
  • High pressure & high heat rinse to remove all soils and cleaning surfactants
  • Apply grout sealant to prevent staining and discoloration

Tile & grout cleaning is one of those things that we think we can do ourselves. Well, we can, but why go through all the trouble of renting equipment or getting on our hands and knees to scrub all of that by hand, when you can just call someone that does it for a living? We’ve been cleaning tile and grout for a long time and know how to do it right, without damaging the tile or the grout. Choose Pink’s for your tile & grout cleaning needs.

Commercial Cleaning

5 Star rated commercial carpet cleaning by Pink’s Carpet Cleaning. Serving Denver, Colorado Springs, & Pueblo areas.

Commercial Cleaning

Pink’s Carpet Cleaning provides commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile & grout cleaning. Specializing in restaurant carpet cleaning, churches, hotels and any other commercial setting that has a lot of foot traffic. Your business needs a good first impression and if you’ve got filthy carpet, tile, & upholster, that’s not a very good first impression. Call Pink’s to clean and sanitize your commercial flooring so you can make an excellent first impression.

What you can expect from our carpet cleaning:

  • Pre-vacuum to remove debris & light dirt particulates
  • Apply hot pressurized emulsifiers & pre-spotting treatments
  • Powerscrub all moderately to heavily soiled areas to help removes spots and stains
  • Rinse and extract areas thoroughly using top of the line truck mounted cleaning units & rotary jet extraction