Pet Odor Treatment

Pet Odor Treatment

Pets can make a mess of carpet in a hurry. It only takes ONE urine spot to smell up an entire room. Whether you have a dog, cat, lizard, monkey or turkey living in your home with you, we can help you with that animal smell. Urine can quickly damage and discolor your carpet, so the quicker you get it neutralized and out of your carpet, the better the chances are that you can eliminate the odors.

What you can expect from our pet odor treatment:

  • Thorough deep cleaning and rinse to remove the majority of the urine salts
  • Application of pet urine digesting enzyme
  • Dwell time to let enzyme treatment do it’s job
  • Another thorough deep steam cleaning rinse
  • Final application of pet odor treatment

Pet urine is one of the most difficult stains to remove. The stains don’t always come out 100%. This is due to a combination of variables such as: carpet type, type of pet, diet of the pet, emotional status of the pet, and several other variables. We do our best to remove as much of the urine as possible but no company, no matter how much they charge, can remove it 100%. If they tell you they can, they are lying. Pet urine damage is permanent on carpet, but can be cleaned and neutralized so that it doesn’t stink up your whole house.

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